Fitting Styles

mini tube hair extensions west midlands The Reusable Micro Rings

Micro ring hair extensions also known as mini tubes, micro loops, micro beads or brand name easilocks.
This method uses small copper rings to attach a single strand of hair extension to your natural hair near the root by clamping the ring in place. A clean application method that has an equally simple removal process where we just pop the ring back open to remove with ease.

This method allows the hair to be reused many times unlike traditional glue pre-bonds, making it a cost effective way of wearing hair extensions. This method gives a lot of flexibility in terms of where we can place the hair, giving a more custom fit finish.

Refits are due every 8-12 weeks and have an application time of between 2-4 hours apx.
la weave walsall The LA WEAVE and Naked Weave

A trademarked fitting methods that we our authorized fitters of. This is a fast application method using double drawn and double weft hair.

The method dos not use plaits or glue, instead micro rings are attached to your hair near the root and a weft of hair, often doubled up and cut to size. It is stitched with a special technique weaving in-between the weft and the ring. No tension is put on your own hair, the weight of the extensions is carried well across the row of micro rings making this a very safe and friendly method. This method gives a very natural finish and flow to your hair.

An average head of hair would have 3-5 rows of different sizes to make a custom fit.
Fitting time on this method is between 45 min and 1 hour 30 min depending on the amount of rows needed.
Refits are due every 7-10 weeks.