This method dos not use plaits or glue, instead micro rings are attached to your hair near the root in lines or a house shoe. A weft of hair, often doubled up and cut to size is stitched with a special weaving technique in-between the weft and the ring. This method gives a very natural finish and flow to your hair as well a lot of volume.
Most of the wefts we recommend and use in salon are flat wefts .
A new generation of weft design where the wefts lay very flat and have an anti shedding feature . This makes them more comfortable and improves there longevity of wear.

A LA weave has wefts on top of the rings .
A naked weave had a weft on top and underneath the rings , like a sandwich of hair, ring, hair .

An average head of hair would have 2 - 5 rows of different sizes to make a custom fit.

Refits are due every 7-10 weeks.

Fitting time on this method is between 45 min and 2hours depending on the amount of rows needed.

the Tapes

Tape Hair Extensions

This has fast become a super popular method because of it speed to fit and its extra comfortable wear .

Tapes are small sections of wefts that are applied to just below the root area via a strip of "tape" . A slim section of your natural hair is sandwiched between two tapes to form a bond .

Some tape options have a root stitched into the tape to give ultimate
discretion for the wearer .

As the adhesive base is very thin, tape in extensions feel light, lay flatland blend easy into fine to normal hair textures.

Refits are due every 6-8 weeks and a glue remover is needed to remove the adhesive , followed by a deep clean shampoo before reapplying
with a fresh adhesive tape added .

The Rings

This method uses small metal rings to attach a single strand of extension to your natural hair near the root by clamping the ring in place. There are several types of rings
A silicon lined micro ring- This gives a layer of protection between the ring and the hair.These rings are commonly used for very delicate hair and for weaves. The rings are the largest size of the options available.

A copper no lined ring -Theses lay very flat to the scalp and are very secure . They are our most popular ring . Custom weight tips of up to 1 gram of hair can be applied with theses rings .

Nano ring- A tiny ring, as small as a long grain rice . The extensions is fitted though the ring via a metal tip on the extension its self . Theses rings are very small, and great for hiding in tricky areas or up high. However, the hair extension tip its self can be bulking and the stands can not weight more that 0.8grams as the weight of natural hair that can fit through the ring would not support anything heavier.

A clean application method that has an equally simple removal process where we just pop the ring back open to remove with ease.

This method allows the hair to be reused many times unlike traditional glue pre-bonds, making it a cost effective way of wearing hair extensions. This method gives a lot of flexibility in terms of where we can place the hair, giving a more custom fit finish.

Refits are due every 8-12 weeks and have an application time of between
30 min to 2 hours.